• Sankofa Umoja Nia at Ursinus College

Speaker for the Celebration of Race & Diversity

Sankofa Umoja Nia’s purpose is to create a healthy and safe environment that celebrates diversity. Our goal is to provide minority students with a place where they can gather and form strong bonds that will last throughout their lifetimes. Please consider making a gift to help us arrange a speaker that will focus on race, diversity, and social change.

Goal: $500
Raised: $230
Donors: 12
Days Left: 1

How You Can Help

Make a gift to help us invite a key speaker to campus to focus on race, diversity, and social change.


The purpose of inviting a speaker onto campus is to continue the educational environment Ursinus works so hard to foster. Allowing SUN to bring a speaker on campus will give more opportunities to Ursinus students and faculty to engage with discussions of race and diversity; a discussion that so desperately needs attention on campus. For such a small campus, we can’t expect professors to teach everything they are passionate about, nor can we expect students to take every class they can to understand the importance of engaging in conversations around race and diversity.

This is why bringing a speaker to campus will benefit all in the community. This year, SUN has learned and grown to better understand the needs of the black and minority community; we do not want their voices to go unheard. We want the black and minority students to feel just as safe and welcome on the campus as everyone else. Inviting a speaker on campus will show the black and minority students that Ursinus is not afraid to engage in difficult conversations and that Ursinus even welcomes a challenge; a challenge meant for growth and positive change.

Ursinus faculty love to learn; they consistently encourage us, the students, to attend these discussions in order to get a new understanding and new way of thinking regarding topics we find important. Race and diversity should be one of those topics and with your donation, it can be.