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Closets are for Clothes

Our goal is to promote LGBTQ+ pride in the UC community by creating a safe and inclusive campus culture. Help the Ursinus College Gender and Sexuality Alliance (or GSA if we’re friends) show the community and incoming students that this is a queer-friendly campus by creating special Ursinus Pride t-shirts for our constituents to show their pride. Make your gift to support the GSA.

Goal: $500
Raised: $335
Donors: 13
Days Left: 1

How You Can Help

Make a gift to the GSA to help fund our campus-wide contest to design and purchase Ursinus Pride t-shirts. 


As the global community shifts towards a more LGBTQ+ oriented perspective, we would like to promote this shift in the Ursinus community by raising money to buy Ursinus Pride t-shirts for Ursinus students. We propose a contest, open to the entire campus, to submit designs and then vote on the best LGBTQ Ursinus Pride design. It is important to promote pride on campus, as this builds community and allows people to express themselves. Furthermore, this advertises to incoming students and parents that this is a queer friendly campus. There is currently a lack of a visual representation of the queer community at Ursinus, and having these t-shirts would meet this demand.  Show the community that we are dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive environment that says closets are for clothes—not people!

About the Gender and Sexuality Alliance:

The Gender Sexuality Alliance is an organization whose goal is to provide members of the LGBTQIA community with a forum that acts as a safe space for members for the queer community, and where ideas, insights and issues can be discussed and addressed.