Career and Post-Graduate Development

Photo of Chris Polster
Photo of Chris Polster

Chris Polster

After graduating from Ursinus, I looked for volunteer positions in biomechanics research labs in the Philadelphia area. To me, it was more important to gain experience in the biomechanics field than to take any job with a salary. I eventually started volunteering at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in a biomechanics lab and gained a fantastic mentor.  I volunteered during the day and worked at a restaurant at night for 3 months and eventually was brought on as a full time employee for a traumatic brain injury research project.





Current Position

Research Technician


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


My research at CHOP focuses on the development of pediatric finite element brain and skull computer models, which are used to simulate traumatic brain injury in the pre-adolescent human during motor vehicle crashes. My work also includes quantifying the relationship between external CPR metrics and the internal mechanics of the human body in MRI systems.

Impact of Ursinus

Playing soccer all four years and being a physics major taught me how to balance my time.  I also always had full support and great personal relationships with my coaching staff, teammates, professors, and advisors, something that is hard to find at larger schools.  

Piece of Advice

Take advantage of every opportunity.  If there is a talk on campus, don’t just sit in the audience and go home after. Introduce yourself to the speaker afterword.  You never know where that conversation could lead you.

Paying It Forward

I come back every year and speak to the current Physics students about job searching and networking. I am always more than happy to talk with any student who wants advice or guidance.