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Lexie Mastrangelo

I chose to major in Dance because it has been my passion since I began dancing at age three. I wanted to learn more about the history/art of dance through different courses that I will be taking and from experienced guest choreographers. I want to take the knowledge that I will learn and apply it to myself as a young artist, performer, and choreographer.

Class Year



Villanova, PA


Dance, Neuroscience


Ursinus College Dance Company, Escape Velocity, Lifeguarding

My Experience

My favorite dance at Ursinus was called “Parting is All We Know…” choreographed by Melissa Chisena. The choreography was unique, especially because six other dancers, including myself, had to dance together in a box. It was definitely a challenge to conform to this space, but this experience definitely changed me as a dancer, an artist, and as a performer. As a modern dancer, this piece helped me grow because I improved certain aspects of my dancing that I saw flaws in. As a performer, this piece was emotionally driven and I felt connected with everyone involved, more so than I have felt before in any dance that I have been in. Lastly, as an artist, this piece allowed me to dance outside of my comfort zone and express myself in a way that I did not think I was capable of.

Life After Ursinus

Pharmacy school and dancing professionally in Philadelphia.