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Vanessa Scalora

Why did you decide to become a French minor?

I took French through my four years of high school and always had a love for the language, however it was not one of my stronger subjects. I only considered continuing in studying French in college when I learned that I was required to take two semesters of a language at Ursinus, and decided to stick with French. I can attribute my decision to minor in French to my first French professor during these two semesters, Dr. Collette Trout, who fostered my passion for learning French and interest in the culture, and who was more than encouraging. I definitely considered majoring in French, but I had to balance my many areas of interest in deliberating my degree, and ultimately decided on a French minor.

What has been your most rewarding experience in your French minor?

French has been incredibly rewarding for me. It was very challenging, but I was fueled to continue by the evident progress that I observed in my French from semester to semester. In addition, the passion of my professor for these advanced classes, Dr. Julin Everett, was contagious. Some milestones were writing a couple analytic research papers in French, particularly one about Algerian women. This was very rewarding because I successfully wrote a long (20 page) paper articulating complex sociocultural issues in the French language. Another rewarding experience was performing French monologues in a performance open to the public, the final project of my French Speaking class. I felt as though speaking was always my weakest area in French, so this was a pretty big accomplishment for me. 

What are your plans after Ursinus? 

My post-graduate plans are not definite as of now, however I would like to eventually go to grad school to study something related to environmental sustainability, particularly agriculture and food systems. I plan to take some time off of school before I do this to travel and take part in a program such as the peace corps or the Fulbright Scholar program.

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Business and Economics


French, Sustainable Food Studies (student-initiated)


Gymnastics team, sustainability fellows, Wismer on Wheels (VP), UCEA, Outdoors Club, writer/editor of UCG Newsletter, Relay for Life, Whitians Honor Society