African American and Africana Studies

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Caroline Jones

I have the desire to learn more about the history of my people

Skill and knowledge I hope to gain good discussion and debate skills. I have a desire to teach people about African American Studies, but in order to do so I must have a well-rounded education on this topic. I want to be able to speak on AAAS issues from an LBGTQ background, religious background and economic background etc.


Class Year



Philadelphia, PA


Media & Communications


Africana Studies


B’Naturals, Seismic step, SUN, Voices in Praise, and SASA

Most Memorable Moment in Class

My most memorable moment in my AAAS class was showing the class racially insensitive YIK YAKS that had been posted at Ursinus. It started a heated yet necessary discussion and encouraged brainstorming for a solution.


I have a desire to research the cause and effects of black boys getting treated so poorly within the education system.

How I Stay Involved

I stay involved by bringing up “uncomfortable” discussions within classroom settings, social settings and everyday conversations with school mates.

My Experience

My experience at Ursinus has been a little funky. I am used to going to a school where my voice concerns and opinions mattered. At first, I began to get frustrated by this change, but I chose to let it inspire me.

Life After Ursinus

God willing I will go to Graduate school and further my education, if not I plan to work within Philadelphia with low-income children.