Health Sciences

Portrait of Meaghan Corbin '18
Portrait of Meaghan Corbin ’18

Meaghan Corbin

I became a HEP major because when I was in high school and took my first sports medicine class it was very clear to me that was what I wanted to do. One of the deciding factors in why I chose Ursinus, was because of the department. I wanted to have a major that I would have fun in and so far I am not disappointed.


Health and Exercise Physiology




Lacrosse, UC Outdoors Club and UC EMS


I plan to one day study abroad in Australia.  I an hoping to study for my EMT certification this coming summer.


I’m in the HEARTlab and really enjoy it!

Life After Ursinus

After Ursinus, I want to continue my education in a Physician Assistant program.