Health and Exercise Physiology

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Health and Exercise Physiology




Who I met that Made a Difference – The person at Ursinus who has made the biggest difference in my life is Dr. Feairheller. Dr. F has not only been my professor on various occasions, but she is also in charge of the research lab I work in on campus, the HEART Lab. This lab has brought me so much knowledge and so many skills that I could have only dreamed of attaining, if it hadn’t been for Dr. F. I have gotten more hands-on experience with patients, a lot of practice with different medical technologies, as well as a very good background in research and writing research papers. In addition to running an amazing lab and being a fantastic professor, Dr. F has always been there as a friend when I needed someone to talk to. Her office is always open, similar to many professors on campus, which is what makes Ursinus so special. Your professors really are there to help and support you, no matter what you need them for. I couldn’t have done all that I have if it wasn’t for Dr. F, and I am so grateful to be a student of hers, both in the classroom and in the research lab.

My Experience

The Coolest Part of the Experience – The coolest part of the Ursinus experience is definitely the people. People don’t lie when they say that Ursinus is a community, and although I didn’t believe it before I got here, I sure do now. Ursinus is a family – no matter what. During my years, we have lost many professors and faculty members, including our President, Bobby Fong. After each of these incidents, we all came together and supported each other through the rough times; talking to people we had never met, and comforting them in any way we could. No matter what happens, people at Ursinus will always be there and will always have your back. I think this is by far the coolest thing about Ursinus; how much of a family we are, no matter the situation.

Advice Be yourself and meet everyone you can. Ursinus is a very small school, so it is easy to get to know a lot of people in a short amount of time. Since the campus is so small, you see the same people almost every day on your daily commute from say, Wismer to Thomas Hall. Say hi to people, smile, start conversations. You never know who you might meet. Ursinus is known for people meeting there and getting married; who’s to say that cute boy you smiled at on your walk one day might not end up your husband in 5 years? Go out on a limb and be nice to people; smile and say hi … you WON’T regret it!

Life After Ursinus

After Ursinus, I plan to attend graduate school with the hopes of becoming a Physician Assistant. I am currently looking at PA schools in the southern states, but am not sure where I am going to end up just yet!