Common Intellectual Experience

  • John Myers posing

Johnny Myers

Class of 2019 | Menlo Park, CA


Business and Economics & English

Most Memorable Moment in Class

Our professor held an optional nighttime CIE class where we met and talked about a lot of issues and had homemade guacamole

Did CIE help you form personal connections on campus?

Yes, many of my current friends came from CIE classes, and a lot of my intellectual development came with wrestling with the CIE questions.

How did CIE change or challenge your view on something?

CIE challenged my views on religion and politics, and got me interested in law and American government

What you really need to know about CIE…

You need to read the books. You can’t succeed if you don’t read.

What CIE will do for you?

CIE will challenge everything you believe in and will promote a lifelong interest in learning.