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Bernard Steyaert

Class Year



Pottstown, PA




Computer Science

Most Memorable Moment in Class

I was shocked the first day of class when my professor took off his shoes and sat on the floor.  As a freshman I was expecting strict classroom etiquette, this threw me off my feet. 

Did CIE help you form personal connections on campus? 

Yes!  I met some of my now closest friends from CIE class discussions.  Because everyone has read the CIE texts, they make for a great conversation starter among people I do not know so well on a regular basis. 

How did CIE change or challenge your view on something? 

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander really opened my eyes to present day racism that I was previously ignorant about. 

What you really need to know about CIE… 

I think I’m more perplexed by the CIE questions now that I’m done CIE than before I started to tell the truth. 

What CIE will do for you? 

CIE gave me a broad base of diverse texts that can be used in academics and life.  CIE also exposed me to a lot of different religious and holy texts that I found personally very interesting.  The ideas and thoughts of the authors of the CIE texts will carry their weight with me as I live my adult life.