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Nerica Normil

Class Year



Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Corresponding Secretary


On campus, Nerica enjoys being a part of different organizations, obtaining leadership roles  and working on campus. She is an intervarsity leader, a member of the UNICEF club, the treasurer of ASBMB ( American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), and a member of the Ursinus band. She also enjoys doing research with Dr. Mark Ellison, where they treat antibiotic-resistant strains of e. Coli with Tetracycline attached to a thin sheet of nano-graphene to inhibit the growth of the e. Coli. This research has taught Nerica to think differently on how to solve problems and its medical application has inspired her to pursue medicine after Ursinus. Nerica joined BAPS because she loves how the club helps people who are interested in any type of pre-health program find their path. BAPS gives a lending hand and it is all about giving everyone an opportunity to see a diverse panel of pre-health occupations.