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Amy Lee

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Community Service Chair


On campus, Amy cherishes her involvement in all different aspects that Ursinus has to offer. She is both the academic and philanthropy chair of her sorority, Phi Alpha Psi; a member of the Ursinus Women’s Lacrosse Team; a member of Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society; a Biology 101 Lab Teaching Assistant; and  a member of the Intervarsity Club. She also enjoys participating in Dr. Mark Ellison’s research by treating antibiotic-resistant strains of e. Coli with Tetracycline attached to a thin sheet of nano-graphene to inhibit the growth of the e. Coli.

Prior to attending Ursinus, Amy was interested in the school’s excellent science program to further pursue her interest in the medical field. It was through BAPS she decided that she wanted to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant and hopes after graduating from Ursinus to attend P.A. school. Being Community Service Chair for BAPS allows Amy to give back to her community for all that it has done for her. She hopes that while serving this role to create a closer connection between the community and the school and to fulfill their needs.