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Amanda Otto

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Dance and German


Advancement Chair


On campus, Amanda enjoys being involved in a number of different organizations: the student-run dance company Escape Velocity, her sorority Kappa Delta Kappa, the Inter-Greek Council, the Tour Guide program, and UC EMS.  Amanda comes from a family of Medical Professionals (her mother is an endocrinologist and her father is an Emergency Room doctor), and the interesting textbooks in her home led her to the medical field. She discovered that she held a great fascination with the human body and its physiology, prompting her biological studies.

In addition to pursuing medicine, Amanda works in Dr. Lyczak’s lab studying the embryonic head-to-tail axis development of the nematode C. elegans, which has taught her finer lab skills and a great deal of patience and determination. All of this has culminated in Amanda’s desire to attend medical school after Ursinus, and to discover which path of medicine is right for her. BAPS greatly helps Amanda’s efforts to explore more of the field of medicine, to connect with a greater number of people, and to help rising, optimistic premedical students have the same opportunities, and to be able to discover for themselves the path they are to take through the field of medicine.