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Secretary of the Association of Latinos Ready to Achieve, Gospel Choir, and an observer for Ursinus College Emergency Medical Services.  


The research that I studied took place in the King Lab with Dr. Jennifer King FUTURE mentor Joshua Straka ’17. For the 4 weeks of the FUTURE program I learned proper cell culture techniques and maintained a culture of BV-2 cells. This involved monitoring cell growth and ensuring that the proper nutrients were available by changing the cells’ growth media. After achieving the necessary BV-2 cell growth, we either froze or split them in order to preserve or keep growing them as needed. We established three different BV-2 cell treatment groups including a control group and groups treated with varying concentrations of HIV Tat and LPS. Then we performed western blot analysis of the experiments from the treated flasks, specifically examining the changes in two proteins called cofilin and lim-kinase, in order to explain the effects seen in treated microglia cells.

My Research Conferences

Because of the FUTURE program at Ursinus College, I got accepted into the 1st annual Penn Honors (PHD) Symposium at the University of Pennsylvania this upcoming September to present my summer FUTURE research to graduate professors, physicians, and medical and graduate students. This Symposium attracts many underrepresented students who are interested in medical or graduate school.  To learn more about this Symposium go to this link:

Life After Ursinus

After Ursinus, I plan to attend an Osteopathic medical school. The FUTURE program helped me develop confidence in using my scientific skills. and build upon the complex techniques I learned during my freshman year.