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Clara Kiss

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Banks, OR


International Relations, French




Did CIE help you form personal connections on campus?

Every freshman is terrified of going to Wismer solo for the first time. As I once had, you’ll have fifteen built-in options as soon as the first noon-time rush starts.

How did CIE change or challenge your view on something? 

Casting specifics aside—CIE made me intensely frustrated listening to a lot of people speak their minds. It really challenges you to understand that being frustrated when someone else doesn’t see something the same way you do or that they don’t arrive at conclusions in the same manner is completely fine.

What you really need to know about CIE…

is that it doesn’t need to be an earth-shattering experience. In many cases, you probably won’t even notice an immediate effect; however, try to go all four years without mentioning CIE to another student in a casual setting, and you’ll discover the very essence of impossibility.