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Anna Shultes


Studying in Wollongong, Australia was by far the best six months of my life. I studied psychology, neuroscience, public health and Indigenous Australian studies while living five minutes away from a beach and an hour away from Sydney. Talk about distracting! After my classes ended, I had the opportunity to backpack in Thailand for ten days and volunteer at the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary for two weeks. 

What was valuable about the experience

I became so much more independent and confident in myself. Traveling alone is something that’s always made me really nervous, and by the end of my time abroad I’d traveled on 20 airplanes. Needless to say, it’s now a breeze! And I’ve since realized my problem-solving skills have greatly improved. You also realize how big of a world it is out there, and you meet people with all sorts of different experiences that challenge your perceptions and beliefs. It’s scary and uncomfortable at times, but by the end you won’t want to get on the plane back home! 

The coolest part of the experience

The coolest part was definitely how easy it was to travel! My friends and I went camping for 10 days in New Zealand for mid-semester break, went to the Outback for a long weekend, and backpacked around Thailand and Cambodia for three weeks after classes ended. I was constantly pinching myself, and I feel so lucky to have traveled and seen as many beautiful places as I did. You also meet people from all over the world and really grow as a person, as cheesy as that sounds.




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