Anthropology and Sociology

  • Photo of Jose Maria Lopez Bejarano

Jose Maria Lopez Bejarano

Jose Maria’s concentration is on Andean Archaeology. He has participated in excavations of the Inca settlement at Pumapunku temple in Tiwanaku; and survey of Inca sites in Lake Titicaca, as well as survey of Inca high altitude sanctuaries in Bolivia.

In 2008 Jose Maria started a program of archaeological surveys in the Copacabana Peninsula, located in the Titicaca Basin. The aim of this study is to determine the spatial characteristics and extension of the Inca settlements in the region and to determine the different ways in which the Incas transformed the landscape and imposed their ideology to the local population.


Anthropology and Sociology


B.A., Universidad Mayor de San Andres, La Paz-Bolivia

ABD Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania


Introduction to Anthropology (ANTH100B)

Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH205)

Archaeology of the New World (ANTH251)

Research Interests

Andean complex societies

Tiwanaku urbanism

Inca ideology

Sacred Landscapes

Memory and materiality