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Daniel Pineda


During my semester abroad, I studied in Seville, Spain where I had the opportunity to immerse myself first hand in the authentic Spanish lifestyle. There, I lived with an amazing and hospitable host family, made incredible friends from different parts of the world, and studied through an international program (CIEE) at the Universidad de Sevilla where I took classes from advanced grammar, to Andalusian art history, to cooking and gastronomy. Not only did this wonderful yet ineffable (as there aren’t enough words to describe the entirety my time there) experience enhance my Spanish language proficiency, but it also allowed me to explore and travel to places I had only dreamed of. 

What Was Valuable about the Experience:

Not only did I become more proficient in the Spanish language, but it helped me break out of the bubble I had been living in. If you had asked me before coming to college if traveling abroad was a possibility, I would have flat out said “no”. This experience taught me that there is so much more in the world than what I know currently and I was grateful to have experienced and witnessed more of it. 

Coolest Part of the Experience:

The coolest part of travelling abroad was actually the opportunity to travel to other countries outside of Spain. Although Spain was beyond beautiful, I had the chance to venture to other countries during weekends and holidays. I flew to France and England, rode a bus to Portugal, and took a bard to Morocco, Africa. I also visited other cities in Spain such as Madrid and Cadiz. I loved travelling so much and it actually has encouraged me to travel once I graduate Ursinus.


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