Photo of Megan Rosenberger
Photo of Megan Rosenberger

Megan Rosenberger


Megan Rosenberger interned at Frederick Living Retirement Community in spring of 2016 where she was able to implement a Music and Memory Program for residents with dementia.  This opportunity allowed her to directly interact with patients suffering from memory impairment, and research the benefits of listening to music in individuals with Alzheimer’s. 

What Was Valuable About the Experience

One of the most valuable parts of this internship was the relationships she formed over the span of 16 weeks with not only the residents of Frederick, but her mentors and the workers as well.  She never thought she would become so emotionally involved with the patients, but in such a big hands-on facility for patients with this condition, it was hard not to interact with them on a more personal level.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

The coolest part of this experience, by far, was observing the different reactions in the residents while they would listen to some of their favorite music.  The point of this program was to increase memory functioning through music and sound waves, and when stimulated enough, the brain becomes more alive.  Seeing this change in so many residents was rewarding and really encouraged me to search for careers in a similar field.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Megan met a number of people who made a difference at this internship, but the most influential person to her throughout this experience was Carol Withers.  Carol was Megan’s internship on-site advisor, and with Carol’s encouragement, patience, and kind heart, Megan was inspired to take on the same approach in her work.


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