Philadelphia Experience

  • Photo of Zooey Cox

Zooey Cox

I’m taking Memoir Writing with Dr. Keita, Race and Ethnicity in Philadelphia with Dr. Florka, and doing Independent Research for Honors in Philosophy. I’m also doing an internship as a Teaching Assistant at The Brooklyn Institute for Social Research (BISR-Philly).

I’m looking forward to making serious progress on my independent research, as well as establishing the first ever Brooklyn Institute course in Philadelphia under the mentorship of Dr. Abby Kluchin. Above all else, I’m excited to be so close to my close friends in the Philadelphia music scene. I’m also looking forward to simply living and studying full time in the city with the endless academic and cultural resources that it has to offer.

I was drawn to this program because of the possibility of breaking out of the oftentimes closed-off Ursinus community and being one of the first to prove the necessity of this program as an opportunity for other Ursinus students to do the same.