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Suzie Zelaya

Junior CSCG Fellow / 2015 FUTURE Student

As a first-generation college student FUTURE & the CSCG have exposed me to different aspects of science and created an environment where my goals are fostered. The FUTURE program allowed me to discover a passion for research, the importance of scientific literature, and the conventions that can be applied/presented to a broader audience. As a CSCG fellow, I hope to combine my knowledge in the Sciences with the six CSCG courses I intend on taking.

During FUTURE I studied the role of microglial cells on spinal cord regeneration of axolotl embryos. FUTURE helped me acquire essential lab skills and analytical tools for my courses at UC. I chose to be a CSCG fellow because I was really inspired by the discussions that the CSCG brings to Ursinus with its speakers, as well as cultivating an atmosphere where science students can be empathetic and aware of social issues in society through learning. I hope to become a Surgeon and eventually provide pro-bono medical services in impoverished parts of Central America. I also plan on combining my medical career with a humanities approach by pursuing a public policy vocation.

My Major / Minor / Campus Organizations

Major in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology & Spanish / Minor in Latin American Studies  / MAPS, EMS observer, ALMA

My Favorite CSCG Events

My Research (FUTURE and beyond)

I worked with my FUTURE mentors Meghan Later and Sarah Weggeman, as well as my FUTURE professor Dr. E. Dawley in trying to find, map, and describe the morphology of microglia cells in the Central Nervous System of embryonic Ambystoma mexicanum (axolotl) using Tomato Lectin and Hemotoxylin & Eosin staining on paraffin embedding of embryonic tissues. Currently my mentors and I are working on using a whole-mount immunohistochemistry Tomato Lectin and Streptavidin Alexa Fluor 488 stain using plastic embedding. I hope to continue this research all of my 4 years at Ursinus and stay in contact with my mentors and Dr. Dawley, who have shaped my goals and provided exceptional answers to my never-ending questions.

My CSCG Courses

POL-399 (Science and the Common Good); LAS 332 (Afro-Latin American Studies).

Life After Ursinus

After Ursinus I hope to enroll in a dual MD/PhD program to combine my love for research and medicine. In addition to my medical aspirations, I also plan on pursuing a vocation in U.S. immigration policy or Global Health policy.