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Alexa Beacham

Junior Parlee Center Fellow

I came to Ursinus as a Biology major, but my interest in Ethics was sparked after taking Biomedical Ethics in the fall of my freshman year. After that I realized that I had a great interest in researching and advocating for ethics in the medical field. The Parlee Center will help me to continue pursing this goal as it gives me deeper insight into how science and society relate. After Ursinus I plan to pursue an MD. I also continue pursing my interest in ethics. The Parlee Center will help me to fuse these two ideas in a concrete way, as I look towards my future in the medical and ethical community.

My Major / Minor / Campus Organizations

Major in Biology / Minor in Applied Ethics / Minor in Anthropology /

 Fellow for the Center for Writing and Speaking

My Favorite Parlee Center Events

Dr. Hill visits Ursinus College

Intellectual Life at Ursinus College Conference

My Parlee Center Fellow Courses

Phil-246 Biomedical Ethics, Phil-309A Philosophy of Law

Life After Ursinus

After Ursinus I would plan to continue a career in the Medical Field as an MD. I also wish to continue pursuing my interests in Ethics and Biomedical Ethics after I graduate. I was drawn to CSCG because of my interest in Biology and Ethics and how the two subjects relate and intertwine. Studying science, and biology in particular, is certainly rewarding, but to truly enhance the common good we must consider the ethical implications of our discoveries– CSCG helps me to do just that.