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Danielle Uibel

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Spanish & Dance

Internship Location

Mainstage Center for the Arts, Blackwood, NJ


Over the summer, Danielle Uibel had an amazing internship experience at Mainstage Center for the Arts in New Jersey. She was able to learn about this experience having worked at the organization for many years.  However, she still had to go through an interview process to obtain the internship. Her typical day began in the morning when she taught the kids choreography, vocals, blocking, and stage skills while putting an entire show together. After her normal hours of work, Danielle spent a lot of time choreographing, planning, and getting things ready for the kids as well. The most challenging part of her experience was working with kids ranging in age from 6th to 12th grade – ages that can bring up drama and other issues from time to time.

Skills Utilized

Danielle utilized a variety of skills during her time at Mainstage, including problem solving, teaching, working with children, choreography, stage skills, and thinking on her feet. This junior feels as though this internship provided her with new skills and improvement upon old ones. “I learn new things every year and I’d like to think I keep improving every time I go back,” said Danielle.  Two additional key functions that she learned about this summer were policy and advertising.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Danielle has been with the company part-time for years and has enjoyed her time spent at Mainstage. The staff and her supervisors have inspired her to one day join the full-time staff of the company. She plans to ask two of her supervisors for letters of recommendation. The connections that she has made with the people at Mainstage are very important since they have helped her grow. Danielle adds, “The staff has taught me so much and will be my lifelong friends and role models.”

Future Implications

The junior is not planning on pursuing theater as a professional job, but she would like to keep it as a passion and hobby. Danielle learned how to work in a team and how to get along with the parents of her students, who could be tough at times. Also, this internship experience changed her personally by providing her with the knowledge that she can change other people’s lives. “I love it when the kids tell me how much working with me meant to them; it inspires me,” said Danielle.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

“Putting on an amazing show! I really love working with kids and being able to show them that they are talented and amazing and teaching them not only to be great performers, but also great people.”