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Jordene Downer

This past summer (2016) during the four weeks of the FUTURE program I worked with Dr. Carlita Favero and my mentor Samantha White ’17.  I studied the effect of parental ethanol exposure in the width and amount of corridor cells in mouse embryos.  Ethanol has a detrimental effect on the development of the brain during gestational period. In order to see this affect, I examined the part of the brain that has corridor cells. These cells allow a specific axon to travel to the right place in the brain which helps one communicate better with their surroundings. I viewed these cells under the confocal microscope to see if there was an effect of ethanol on the brain. I plan to continue my research in the fall by gathering more data.




African American and Africana Studies


Center for the Science and the Common Good (CSCG)

MAPS (Minority Association for Pre-Health Students)

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Due to FUTURE I was given the opportunity, this Fall (2016) to attend the Society for Neuroscience (SFN) Conference in San Diego.  Here, I will be viewing other studies from other neuroscientists as well as presenting the work I did during FUTURE.