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Shayann Ramedani

Alumni CSCG Fellow

My drive is the study of healthcare across the country and through international systems. Domestically we face issues in rural and urban areas of either complete lack of healthcare facilities or the absence of affordable healthcare for those who need it. As a CSCG fellow I strive both learn more about medical sciences and healthcare studies to see where inefficiencies are in the healthcare system so that we can have a more cohesive plan to take care of the country rather than one we have now. After Ursinus I plan on attending Medical School and continuing both academic medicine as well as healthcare studies. 

My Major / Minor / Campus Organizations

Major in Biology and Spanish / UCEMS, Rotary International, MAPS

My Research

I work with Dr. Beth Bailey in the physiology laboratory on a biochemical approach to cardiac research. We use cardiac cells to examine protein indicators of different cardiac function to see differences in pregnancy and normal cells. In addition I work within the George Washington University Medical School within the Department of Urology. One of the projects we are looking at currently is the effect of ureteral stent placement duration and post-surgical complication and comfort.

My CSCG Courses

Phil 241 Biomedical Ethics

My CSCG Civic Internship

I was accepted to an Internal medicine rotation and healthcare study in Madrid with a grant from the Center for Science and the Common Good. I was being educated on diagnosis, consults, and clinic visits entirely in Spanish. I participate in hospital lectures and am educated on the Spanish healthcare system in contrast to the system we have here. This experience has been vital to the core understanding of most specialties within medicine as well how healthcare functions internationally.

Life After Ursinus

CSCG has allowed me to explore my passion for healthcare and medical sciences. The cross discipline approach of all scientific fields shows the intricacies to policy and the healthcare seen today. Look here to see what we mean.