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Sophie Gioffre

Words have an incredible amount power. They grant us with the uniquely human ability to communicate ideas, transcend reality, and generate emotion in ourselves and in others. I chose to pursue an English major for the sense of tranquility and wholeness that I get while reading works of poetry and prose. I did it for the sense of excitement and satisfaction that comes from analyzing, reworking, and creatively finding meaning in thoughts saved forever in print. My appreciation of the art of writing has grown exponentially through my experiences at Ursinus. I have been delighted with the program since day one. Where else could a first semester freshman dive into the study of Medieval Romance instead of sitting through a typically required English 101?

My admiration for humanity’s creative-expressive processes—especially our unique ability to produce something from nothing simply through written or spoken word—manifests itself in what I choose to do outside of the classroom, as well. I am involved with stage management and technical production in the Ursinus theater department, and work as a Writing Fellow in the college’s Center for Writing and Speaking. Eventually, I hope to combine these experiences with lessons learned through my academic activities to enhance teaching and learning in my own English classroom.

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Education Certification and Peace & Social Justice