Bailey Ludwig

Reading and writing have always been interests of mine. I try to read as much and as thoroughly as possible so I can develop a better understanding of the world through the different cultures and beliefs that authors reveal through their writing. Reading is especially enjoyable for me when I make connections or notice references to something else I’ve read. Making these connections is one of my favorite things about reading and I find it to be really rewarding. My decision to minor in Classics was also driven by this desire to understand and make connections as classical literature, language, art, and philosophy have helped to shape the modern world.

My first, and favorite, English class at Ursinus was Medieval Romance. I hadn’t encountered much medieval literature before, but I discovered that I really like it. My professor challenged and encouraged me to improve my writing and close reading skills and, by the end of the semester, I felt like I had become a more observant reader and careful writer. At the beginning of my freshman year, I was confused about what I wanted to major in. This class and my professor helped me to realize that studying English is what I want to pursue and feel confident enough in my abilities to do so. I not only have a lot of fun studying English at Ursinus, but I find the things I learn to be fulfilling and useful.

On campus I participate in club fencing and I attend FIA (Feminists in Action) meetings. Activities on campus are relaxed so it’s really fun and easy to learn and try new things. Professors and students are very helpful and supportive as well so branching out and taking advantage of really cool opportunities isn’t so intimidating. I am currently looking into studying abroad my junior year and I plan on doing research and an internship in the future! I want to continue exploring everything that being an English major has to offer and learn and do as much as I can while I am at Ursinus and afterwards I hope to continue my education.