Annual Report

The Global Explorer

Kim Nolan ’16


“As an environmental studies major, the trek to the highest reaches of Cajas was an academic pursuit I had long dreamed about,” says Kimberly Nolan ’16.

“The mountain reserve is home to 19 endemic species of plants found nowhere else in the world. I had spent hundreds of hours back in Pennsylvania studying how invasive plant life could wreak havoc on an ecosystem. The damage of such an emergence of flora here, in such a remote pocket of South America, would be catastrophic.” But study abroad is much more than just field work, and she knows this firsthand. “During my six months in Quito, Ecuador, I visited 16 cities, worked in a special-needs orphanage, dared to do things like bungee jump, and took five classes entirely in Spanish at a liberal arts university more than five times the size of my close-knit Ursinus. It took 45 minutes—and 25 cents—to ride the bus to campus.”

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