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Olivia Tierney

Class Year





Computer Science, Statistics, Finance

Internship Location

Comcast, Downingtown, PA


From mid-May to July, Olivia Tierney completed an internship at Comcast in Downingtown, PA. Beforehand, Olivia had to be interviewed. She found this internship through prior work experience with Comcast and from her high school. Her day began with a team meeting where each member of the team discussed what they accomplished the previous day and what they were planning to do for that day. Olivia’s task was to implement code to create tests. These tests ensured that the set-top boxes could properly stream video and that the testing environments created were stable and working properly. Even though the junior was pretty busy throughout her day, the most challenging part was finding work to do during her free time.

Skills Utilized

Through this experience, Olivia was able to improve upon skills such as coding, organization, communication, and analysis. In addition, Tierney states, “Working in quality assurance requires extreme attention to detail. Therefore, this will be valuable to my academics and career in the future.” 

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Olivia feels she made some important connections in the workplace. She would even consider asking Comcast for recommendations or use them as a reference. 

Future Implications

After interning at Comcast, Olivia feels more prepared to work with people that are different in culture and personality. 

The Coolest Part of the Experience

The coolest part of the experience for Olivia was the exposure to upcoming technology. Her favorite aspects of the internship were the work flexibility and being able to gain the experience overall.