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Arianna Srinivasan

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Internship Location

Lehigh Valley Hazelton Hospital, Hazleton, PA


During this past summer for two months, Arianna Srinivasan completed an exciting internship at Lehigh Valley Hazleton Hospital in Hazleton, PA where she worked 12-hour shifts. She found out about this internship through her father since he is an independent physician who uses the facility for surgery. At the hospital, Arianna worked in the emergency room. On a typical day, she shadowed doctors, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and nurses during various procedures and hospital visitations. However, the most challenging parts of the internship were trying to stay alert for the 12-hour shifts and resisting the urge to help in medical emergencies since, as a student, Arianna was not certified to help. 

Skills Utilized

Some skills that the junior utilized at the hospital included being able to retain a lot of information, assisting the doctors in getting tools when necessary, keeping the emergency room clean, and staying alert. “I thought I was interested in becoming a physician before my internship and now I know I want to go to Physician’s Assistant school,” said Arianna.  “It helped me make an adult decision about my future.” She gained new knowledge about medical emergencies as well. 

Who I Met that Made a Difference

“The physician’s assistants gave me an insight into what their careers are really like and that has made all the difference for me,” says Srinivasan. The physician’s assistants at the hospital provided Arianna with plenty of information and made her realize that she would like to go to Physician’s Assistant school instead of medical school. In fact, she would consider asking them for recommendations or using them as references. These connections are very important to Arianna because after Physician’s Assistant school, she could potentially be working at Lehigh Valley Hazleton Hospital again with the same staff. 

Future Implications

Arianna feels more confident in the career that she would like to pursue and is excited since she is working towards that goal. After going through the experience, Arianna has a new respect for the staff of an emergency room and learned a lot about her own perseverance. Overall, she learned that the emergency room has to be a well-organized place in order to help as many patients as possible. 

The Coolest Part of the Experience

“There was a boy who had his hand crushed and I was able to see all the tissue, breaks, and bones within his hand and I found it so interesting,” explains the junior. Her favorite aspect of the internship was the trauma alerts because it was very exciting to be a part of an intense medical emergency.


Arianna suggests doing an internship because it will help you decide whether the career path you have chosen is right for you, and it will also help you discover your career path. “I really learned what the lifestyle of a doctor was like and I determined it wasn’t for me.  I wouldn’t have been able to realize that unless I was there this summer.” Arianna would definitely recommend this internship to anyone with a similar interest in the medical field.