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Erica Schnebel ’13

Erica joined K’NEX, a construction toy company headquartered in Hatfield, PA, in 2013 upon her graduation from Ursinus College. Hired for the role of Marketing Coordinator, Erica’s talent was immediately recognized and she quickly rose through the ranks of the marketing department ultimately taking on the Brand Manager position she holds today. With a passion for consumer products and marketing, Erica currently manages 70% of the K’NEX brand portfolio including both licensed and non-licensed brands.  Erica is especially proud of Mighty Makers, a STEM themed building set line designed by women to inspire and empower little girls. Prior to joining K’NEX Erica held sales and marketing internships at WTAE-TV and Denham-Vitalie Design Associates. In her spare time, Erica enjoys golfing, skiing, and binging Netflix.  She lives in Telfold, PA with her boyfriend, Matt, and their dog, Bullet. 

A 2013 alumna of Ursinus College, Erica graduated with Honors and a degree in Business and Economics, with a minor in Media and Communications.  In addition to her studies, Erica was also a four-year student-athlete as a part of the Gymnastics team.  A 3-time National qualifier, Erica served as the team captain during her senior year leading the whole Gymnastics team to a National competition qualification.  Outside of being a student-athlete, Erica also held several campus jobs, enjoyed frequent trips to Wawa, and could be found enjoying the beautiful campus with her friends. 

Current Position

Brand Manager, K’NEX Brands