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Benjamin Susser

Class Year



Media and Communication Studies


Film Studies & Music

Internship Location

6ABC, Philadelphia, PA


During the summer of 2016, Ben Susser went on a journey in Philadelphia at 6ABC, where he also experienced the DNC and Musikfest! Before he began his internship, he had to be interviewed. Ben found this internship in high school when he shadowed there for a day. At that time, he got to know and learn from the Vice President of Creative Services, Mike Monsell. After high school, he kept in contact with Mike and received the opportunity to be interviewed for an internship with Creative Services. Susser’s day began when he arrived at 6ABC each morning and made sure to greet everyone. He then edited their weekly recap in one of the studio rooms. Next, he worked on editing or shooting a video for social media projects which typically included asking anchors to talk or act in short videos. Even though Ben had a lot of fun working at 6ABC, the most challenging part of the internship was editing videos to make them look like his creative vision. “I didn’t always have the knowledge to do so, but my coworkers helped me with this aspect,” states Susser.

Skills Utilized

Editing, filming, and writing were the various skills that this junior utilized at 6ABC. Ben feels that this internship provided him with new skills and improvement upon old ones. “I had previous experience with FinalCut and other editing programs, but I really improved and reached a level of proficiency through my summer internship,” explains Ben. He also adds that his camera skills improved immensely during this time. The junior believes that these skills will definitely help him in his future career.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

“My coworkers Troy, Noelle, and Ashley spent a lot of time explaining and helping me with assignments, which I truly appreciated.  They always made sure to give me fun projects to work on, and they made this summer a great experience for me. The connections I made are important to me because I created true friendships with my coworkers.  I really respect and look up to all of them, and they were very kind and helpful to me despite just being an intern.”

Future Implications

Ben feels more prepared to handle cameras, do some editing, and to use the application of these techniques. Susser states that this experience also improved his ability to learn and forge skills on his own. He had a lot of opportunities to take chances and make mistakes in an open setting while everyone helped each other out. This internship made Ben more self-reliant and less afraid to ask questions. He also realized that it’s possible to really enjoy a career. In addition, he learned that there’s a lot of work that goes into the different departments. “Every single part of the company has a respectable part to play in making the final product,” adds Susser.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

The coolest part of the experience was getting to drive a golf cart at the DNC. His favorite aspect was the creative freedom that the company provided.


This junior advises to be open and willing to learn when pursuing internships. He would absolutely recommend 6ABC to anyone with a similar area of interest in Media and Communication Studies.