Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

Max Bicking standing in front of a mountain range
Max Bicking standing in front of a mountain range

Max Bicking




Creative Writing

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City Year Philadelphia Corps Member


City Year


Why I chose math

It may sound grandiose, but I really do believe that math is the language of nature. We can approach an understanding of the universe using the laws and logic of mathematics—its objectivity, its proof-based rigor, its depth. When I began studying math, I wanted to understand, to answer the endless list of questions I’ve had about the world since I was very young. Studying math has answered many of these questions, but, more importantly, has revealed a new long list of unanswered questions. And the beauty is that there will always be more questions. 

Impact of Ursinus

Attending Ursinus had a deep impact on my personal and intellectual growth.
Studying math at a liberal arts college allowed me to understand the discipline from untraditional perspectives.
One of those was creative writing, which I minored in. Blending math and creative writing was often challenging and confusing. But ultimately, Ursinus’ small classes and brilliant faculty created a space in which I could develop my own interdisciplinary studies.

Piece of Advice

My advice to current students is to think differently.
Seek out connections between disciplines. Ask difficult questions. Take advantage of the independence that comes from studying at a liberal arts institution.