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Aaron Mitchell

I decided to become an AAAS minor because I wanted to learn more about the African Diaspora. All throughout elementary, middle, and high school I never had classes that focused on African American history. Sure, I learned about the traditional information about the civil rights movement every black history month, but I wanted to learn more than just that. 

The first class I took in the minor was Caribbean Literature with Dr. Keita. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about Caribbean culture. After taking six classes in the minor, I’ve definitely learned something new and intriguing about diaspora. The classes, I’ve taken didn’t only increased my knowledge, but they help me present myself as a black man. I have developed the ability to understand and interpret the past and present day importance of the African Diaspora. In the future, I hope to earn a degree in Africana Studies, so that I will be able to teach students about the importance of the diaspora. 

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