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Ornella Nooks

As an AAAS minor, the courses I’ve taken has helped me come to grips with my identity as a woman of color. I’ve taken seven AAAS courses during my time here at Ursinus and I gained a lot of knowledge from these courses. Some of these courses include The African American Experience, Caribbean literature, Peoples of Africa, and much more.

Every AAAS course that I have taken, I learned something new and interesting.  I’ve applied what I’ve learned from these courses into my research to understand the experience of women of color on predominantly white campuses. I wish to continue doing research in future in regards to the dynamics and structures of African American families, more so the roles of black fathers in society today. Also, I’m interested in doing research on the racial dynamics in major professional sports since I wish work with professional athletes as a physical therapist.

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African American and Africana Studies