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Khalilah Baber

I started to realize my sophomore here at Ursinus that there was indeed so much I did not know about my own identity and culture. I have always been a curious individual and growing up with a white grandmother and a black grandfather caused an intrigued urge in my bones to know more about my history on both side, and what their experiences were shaped from. Taking African American history, Historiography, African American Literature, Global Black Families, Emancipation, African American Female Playwrights just to name a few set up a better understanding of my past. I was fortunate enough to become familiar with individuals like W.E.B DuBois, Lorraine Hansberry, and James Baldwin to see how everything they aspired too helped in my position today.

The class that influenced my  pursuit of an AAAS minor was Emancipation with Professor Schroeder was the final factor in hoping to pursue an AAAS minor. In this class, we explored the history of dehumanizing Africans in detail. As a class, we read monologues, diaries, testimonies and so much more related to a terrible construction that lasted some say more than 300 years. Learning about the horrors of the middle passage and how our people clung to whatever they could of their culture intrigued me, beyond amazement (the idea that my ancestors made it).

Skills I hope to gain with my AAAS minor are critical thinking and the ability to ask questions has been a skill that I have developed through all of these courses.

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