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Jordyn Karliner

Class Year



Neuroscience, Biology



Internship Location

Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA


For ten weeks during her summer break, Jordyn Karliner completed an internship at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. She specifically participated in Drexel’s College of Medicine SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship) program. Jordyn found this opportunity online when she searched for various research-based internships in Philadelphia. During those ten weeks, her typical day consisted of working at the spinal cord injury lab at the university. She ran different experiments that were related to her project. Karliner mainly worked on tissue sectioning and staining while observing many surgical procedures on mice and rats, as well. However, the most challenging part of the internship was troubleshooting when the experiment didn’t work out.

Skills Utilized

“I used a bunch of different scientific techniques during my internship, including immunostaining and sectioning on a cryostat,” states Jordyn. She also gave a presentation towards the end of the internship which helped her utilize her public speaking skills. This junior feels as though this internship boosted her chances in learning more research techniques.  She also strengthened her comprehension of primary journal articles. In the future, she will be implementing all of these skills in her classes and research.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Jordyn believes that all of the members of the lab, including the PI and graduate students, made a difference in her experience this summer. She would definitely consider asking them for recommendations and references. “The connections I made at Drexel are extremely important, especially since I am considering applying to graduate school there,” explains Jordyn.  “It gives me a great advantage that I have contacts with both faculty and students within the Neuroscience program.”

Future Implications

Jordyn feels more prepared for what it’s like to work in a lab at the graduate school level when it comes to the expectations and time commitment. She knows that she has become more confident in her research abilities and has shed some of her introverted qualities. Overall, she learned that research can be a competitive and stressful field, especially when things don’t go as planned, but it can also be very rewarding and exciting.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

“The coolest part of my experience was being able to work with and learn from graduate students all summer,” specifies Karliner. Her favorite aspect was learning new research techniques that she can now apply to her research at Ursinus. 


Jordyn encourages students to make the most of the internship experience, because it could always be helpful in the future. Lastly, she would definitely recommend Drexel University’s SURF program to anyone with an interest in Neuroscience.