Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

Headshot of Corinne Capodanno
Headshot of Corinne Capodanno

Corinne Capodanno


Computer Science


Biology, Biostatistics

Current Position

Software Engineer Associate


Lockheed Martin

Impact of Ursinus

Being a computer science major at Ursinus had fully prepared me for a career. The classes were challenging and allowed me to really grasp the concepts needed for a job in this field. Besides the course work, being a student athlete at Ursinus taught me a lot about responsibility and that putting in the work will lead to the results that you want.

Piece of Advice

I would say that while graduating and starting the next chapter of your life may be extremely overwhelming, know that you are more ready for it than you may think. During your four years at Ursinus, you were taught the skills needed to continue on to the next stage of your life.