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Tommy Knappik

Why I became a chemistry major

I decided to be a chemistry major late in high school after experiencing the ups and downs as well as fascinating intricacies of chemistry in relation to the world around us. I wanted to discover more of its influence on the world, humans, animals, and the universe.

My experience as a chemistry major

My experience here at Ursinus has been overwhelmingly positive. I never expected to meet so many friendly, funny, understanding, and of course knowledgeable professors in each type of chemistry which only made my choice that much more simple when it came around to deciding my major.

Most memorable moment

I would have to say since becoming a chemistry major, I had the honor of meeting the now retired Organic Chemistry professor Dr. Ronald Hess. His courses were always a joy to me even though the material wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea. I would have to say that my most memorable moment would be his final lecture that he gave last spring which was even more awe-inspiring since I knew him.

Life after Ursinus

I plan to go to graduate school, but before that I’ll be looking for a position as an analytical chemist. I also have the intention of working chemical engineering into my future too.

Impact of Ursinus

As my experience is winding down here at Ursinus, I’ve tried to look back at what knowledge I’ve gained within my major and how I should apply it elsewhere. Ursinus has definitely helped me try to set my course for the future. Just aside from what is after college during my experience here I’ve gained the knowledge and contacts that I can hopefully use afterwards to keep myself inspired and push forward to greater myself.

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Chemistry Teaching Assistant