• Brooke Moses in science lab glasses

Brooke Moses

Why I became a chemistry major

Growing up I was always interested in the science field and how things worked. After taking a chemistry class in high school, I realized I was pretty good at it and wanted to follow it. Looking more into the subject, I saw there were many different pathways and careers relating to chemistry. Senior year I took the AP course and decided I wanted to apply to Ursinus as a chemistry major, along with following my dance career adding a dance major.

My experience as a chemistry major

Though chemistry is a hard subject and the major requires many credits, it is very enjoyable and rewarding major. The chemistry professors are very helpful in class along with being fun people to talk to in general. The department also keeps us students updated, emailing us about different internships eligible for students and when there are chemistry teas. The teas are fun and gives students time to talk with the professors along with eating great food. After seminar lunches, everyone moves to a classroom where an outside speaker talks about their careers or their personal research. The chemistry professors also do research which allows students to do this as an undergraduate.

Double major at Ursinus

Though difficult, being a double major is fun especially studying in two different fields like the science and the arts. It is possible to achieve with hard work and time management. Double majoring allows me to feel unique among my classmates.


Chemistry and Dance


Escape Velocity, UC Dance Company, UC Dance Team, OSOS

Most Memorable Moment in Class

A memorable moment I have is in my General Chemistry II class; my advisor Dr. Ellison would perform live experiments during his lecture which not only helped in understanding the material but also made the class fun and entertaining.

Life After Ursinus

After graduating Ursinus College, I am still not entirely sure where I want to go but I would like to explore the chemistry field and find a career that will hopefully allow me to attend graduate school where I can focus on a certain subject.