Berman Museum

Annual Student Exhibition 2017


Join the Ursinus College community in celebrating the achievement of its student artists. The Annual Student Exhibition showcases the works of art made by students and majors in the disciplines of painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, installation, mixed media and photography.

Special thanks to the Ursinus College Art and Art History Department faculty members David Aipperspach, Deborah Barkun, Cari Freno and Sarah Kaufman.


All Berman exhibitions and programs are free and open to the public




Tony Alvarez ’17                           Breanna Tyrell ’17

Alex Birnbrauer ’17                      Aubrey Basla ’18

Mattie Egerter ’17                        Kate Bormann ’18

Caylon Fowlkes ’17                     Teddi Caputo ’18

Mary Haugh ’17                           Mario Heitman ’18

Dayna Honrychs ’17                    Yanlin Li ’18

Crystal Ngoje ’17                         Oriah Lopez ’18

Emma Olshan ’17                        Kayla O’Mahony ’18

Kayla Sallada ’17                         Sonny Rimler ’18

Sophie Snapp ’17                        Sarah Wilbert ’18

Rebeca Torruella ’17                    Sydney Cope ’19

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