The Numbers Wiz

Eric Farris ’10


Philadelphia, PA


Without my Ursinus experience, I wouldn’t have been exposed to different ways to think and learn, which help me adapt to the changing business environment. In the classroom, I was challenged to learn beyond a textbook. As a lacrosse player, I learned valuable lessons in teamwork, leadership and responding to adversity, and I utilize those skills every day. As an admission fellow, I had practice in making connections with people, which is a big part of my job. At Ursinus, the whole experience and the entire liberal arts education is greater than the sum of its parts.

I read an article about how a greater percentage of Ursinus students passed the CPA exam in 2015 than in any other Pennsylvania school. I shared that article all over my office. The statistic demonstrates the foundational knowledge, critical thinking and cognitive skills that you get at Ursinus, all of which are attractive for employers and set Ursinus students up for future success.

KPMG is a large firm with very driven people. When you’re in that environment, you either sink or swim. I want to swim. Each year there’s something new to learn, some new challenge; and each year I look to build on my skills to put myself in a position so that I’m more valuable to my clients and to my firm as a whole.

My Path


Business and Economics with a concentration in Accounting

Undergraduate Passions:
  • Men’s Lacrosse
  • Admission Fellow
  • Summer Fellow
  • Honors Research Program
  • Fitness Center Employee

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