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Kieran DeMelfi

What I Love about Writing

Writing can be very all-over-the-place and individualized. People’s upbringings and experiences shape the way they see the world and influence how they write – it says a lot about a person.

Class Year



Hazleton, PA


Computer Science


Intended Math, Creative Writing, and Music

How I Stay Involved

Alpha Delta Phi Society, UC Ambassadors, weekly service at Cradles to Crayons.

Life After Ursinus

Should my dreams come true, Nintendo will hire me to help program video games. Besides that, grad school for software engineering is a possibility. My main goal after college is to be happy, so as long as that happens, it doesn’t matter where I end up.

An Unusual Fact about Me

I have a form of synesthesia that gives every unique word a color – The word ‘color’ is yellow to me.