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Kyla Jermin

What I Love about Writing

What I love about writing is its accessibility — or rather, how it makes other things so accessible. There are so many ways to convey things through the written word, and I think that’s fascinating. I love is how differently people express themselves through writing — people are so different, and their writing reflects that. There’s no better way (besides being face to face, and even maybe not then) to experience another person’s perspective than to read their writing. 

Class Year



Brooklyn, NY


English and Philosophy


After realizing that my dreams of traveling space were impossible, I gave up and went to college.

How I Stay Involved

In addition to being a Writing Fellow, I’m also a dispatcher for Campus Safety, and since I’m in SPINT housing, I also work with a lot of the events my house puts on. 

Life After Ursinus

I don’t know yet — at least not for sure. I’ve thought a lot about law school, but if that doesn’t pan out, I’d like to do something involving books / literature. 

An Unusual Fact about Me

I was sorted into Slytherin.