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Allison Arinaga

About our research

I have been doing research with Dr. Brian Pfennig in the chemistry department for three years. My current project focuses on iron photocatalysts for the reduction of carbon dioxide into methanol, which has applications to clean energy. The basic idea of the project is to use light and a catalyst to convert carbon dioxide into methanol, a chemical feedstock and potential fuel.

My experience with research

My experience with research has been very challenging but also very rewarding. Doing research requires a lot of time, and it can often be frustrating when an experiment fails. However, I have enjoyed doing research because it allows me to apply what I learn in the classroom to real problems. Doing research also helps you develop skills you may not learn in a lecture, and forces you to practice time-management and teamwork.

Life after Ursinus

I plan to attend graduate school and obtain a Ph.D. in Chemistry. I believe that the skills and experience I have gained from doing research at Ursinus will be invaluable as I move on to this next stage in my education.

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Bethesda, MD






Center for Science and the Common Good (CSCG), UC Environmental Action, Wind Ensemble