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Dylan Stephens

Class Year



Shoreline, WA


Biology, Applied Ethics


Peace and Social Justice


UCARE, Fellow for the Center for Science and the Common Good, Honors Research, MAPS Executive, 


Assistant Chief


I am very dedicated to UC EMS and have been a member since my freshman year. I started by simply observing the current EMTs on calls, which motivated me to get trained as an EMT the follow summer. I started working as an EMT for UC EMS during my sophomore year, and haven’t looked back since! Last year, I was the Clinical Coordinator, in charge of HIPAA/BBP training and safety. However, this year I am very excited to be the Assistant Chief, and in charge of training, scheduling, and whatever else needs to get done!  

My Experience

I have learned a lot by being a part of UC EMS and my experience has no doubt helped prepare me for the rigors of being a medical doctor in the future. This job can be tough at times, but it has taught me how to be calm under stressful circumstances and has really been tremendously rewarding. 

Life After Ursinus

I will be going to medical school to become a doctor!