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Sophia Worthington-Kirsch

Why I became a chemistry major

I became a chemistry major because I fell in love with chemistry and I want to give that gift to others as well. My high school chemistry education was less than stellar. When I came to Ursinus as a prospective Biology major, I was placed into Advanced General Chemistry. I loved that class. I was the only student there who wanted to cover more molecular orbital theory, more detailed bonding theory, more of everything. My biology notes from the same time are covered in molecular orbital diagrams. I knew that only doing a few semesters of chemistry was never going to fulfill that need, so I focused on a chemistry major starting in my second semester. With each new class, I know I’ve made the correct decision. I have always been interested in why things work and how they work that way, and chemistry answers these questions at an extremely basic level. However, whenever I mention to someone that I am a chemistry major, they usually mention their lackluster experience in middle or high school. I am pursuing an education certification in chemistry so that I can show younger students the wonders of chemistry.




Education - Certification Track


CSCG Fellow, InterVarsity, Hillel, Budo Taijutsu Club