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Stephanie Hawkins

Class Year



Reistertown, MD


BCMB, Applied Ethics


Fellow for the CSCG, MAPS, Interfaith, UC EMS, ASBMB, Tutoring, Chapel staff, de novo metalloprotein research with Dr. Reig

My Experience

Primary Service Sites

MCCF, Camphill, CSS, Parkhouse


What Bonner Means to Me

While academics has challenged me to work hard and grow intellectually, Bonner has been my unique opportunity to become a person driven by love for others. Through service and civic engagement, I have been able to become proximate to real issues facing our society and to put love into practice. Bonner has taught me to step out of my comfort zone to discuss difficult subjects as well as giving me the tools and courage to confront these issues. I have been inspired to be my personal best by a selfless, thoughtful and loving community. 


A Memorable Moment in Bonner

My warmest memories in service are at Camphill. Whether I was gardening outside, helping talented individuals create masterpieces in the pottery or mosaic studio, or teaching to write the sweetest letters to loved ones, I felt peaceful and connected with other wonderful human beings. Also - I don’t think I have ever received more hugs in one place!