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Margee Kerr

I grew up outside of Baltimore, MD and lived in Pittsburgh before moving to Philadelphia in 2016. As a medical sociologist I have experience in researching the History of Medicine, Doctor Patient Communication, and Health Social Movements. Right now I the co-investigator on a first-of-its-kind study measuring fear in the real world by collecting psychophysiology data measuring how the brain and body respond in real-life threatening situations. To read more about me check out my web page:


Lecturer in Sociology


Anthropology and Sociology


B.A., Hollins University, VA

Ph.D.,The University of Pittsburgh, PA

Research Interests

Health and Illness
Emotions and Society

Recent Work

“WHAT’S BAD FOR YOU IS GOOD FOR ME: POSITIVE GAINS FROM NEGATIVE STIMULI Poster for Society for Affective Science (SAS), Boston, MA April 27-29, 2017

2015. SCREAM: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear. PublicAffaris, NY

Under review:
Voluntary Arousing Negative Experiences” (VANE): Why we like to be scared. Emotions Journal of the American Psychological Society