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Julie Krasutsky

Class Year



Media and Communication Studies

Internship Location

Drexel Athletics, Philadelphia, PA


This past semester, Julie Krasutsky completed an internship at Drexel Athletics in Philadelphia, PA. In order to be considered for the position, Julie had to be interviewed via phone. She found this experience from an Ursinus Alumni who works at Drexel. Julie’s days at Drexel Athletics were different. One day would be a typical office day where she reconciled the university’s clothing store, the Dragon Shop. She made sure that all of the money was in the register and she reported the amount on an Excel sheet. Julie also did a lot of work in Photoshop by making signs for upcoming games and weekly roundups. She also attended weekly marketing meetings where the group would go over the agenda for the week. Krasutksy’s other days consisted of helping extensively with numerous sports such as basketball, soccer, and field hockey. For the basketball games, she helped assemble season ticket holders’ packages, made sure the season ticket holders’ event went accordingly, organized a promotional event where students who wore Drexel gear could win different prizes, made sure that all of the box office tickets were available, helped sell the tickets, and assisted in checking in the students at the games. In addition to working at the games, Julie was in charge of social media as well. Even though she worked in different mediums at Drexel, the most challenging part of it all was reconciling the Dragon Shop. “It became challenging because sometimes the numbers never added up and you had to go back to the beginning to see what went wrong and figure out if someone missed reporting something or if you overlooked something,” says Julie. 

Skills Utilized

Krasutsky utilized a lot of skills during her internship experience, such as technology with Photoshop and Excel, having a great attitude throughout the day, and communication with others. The junior feels as though this experience improved her personal skills by forcing her out of her comfort zone and allowing her to put herself out there. Julie even became familiar with Photoshop since she hadn’t used the program before this internship. Krasutsky believes that these skills will be beneficial in her future career as well. 

Who I Met that Made a Difference

“A girl that I worked with named Allison really made me understand what I wanted to do for a future job,” explains Julie.  “She worked as a Marketing and Promotions Assistant under my boss. She had just graduated college and was able to get a job at Drexel Athletics. When watching her, it really reminded me of myself and what I want to do when I am done with college, and how I want to do my job when I get there. She was a very hard worker and loved the job that she did while being a great person.”

Future Implications

Julie definitely feels prepared for the working world since Drexel Athletics gave her an idea of what to expect when she starts working. This journey gave her a great experience that she feels she wouldn’t have gotten by only taking a class. “I feel the best way to learn about what you want to do is by doing an internship. It gives you a live look into what your future will entail while also teaching you the exact skills you need to know to do your job at your best ability,” adds the junior. She also feels as though the internship increased her determination in her education. Additionally, Krasutsky learned the sports and fitness industry has different hours than a regular job. Since the hours are different, she learned that she would have to work game days which means her hours are dependent on when the games are. Lastly, she learned that when it comes to the workplace, it’s a place where you can make friends and have a fun time. 

The Coolest Part of the Experience

“I never even thought about what went into a sporting event until this internship and I loved learning all about that. It was truly eye opening and amazing to learn everything that the sports marketing and promotions team does and how much they love doing their jobs. I can’t find one specific part that I loved over all others, but working all of the sporting events was definitely the coolest part of my experience.”


Julie advises that when you are pursuing an internship, make sure you get the most out of it, to do everything to your best ability, and always ask questions. Julie would absolutely recommend this internship experience to anyone with a similar interest.